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USB Toy Tank with camera

7 Plugs into your USB port for power. With a USB2.0 wireless camera .

7 No batteries required.

7 Compatible with Windows XP.

7 Software is included so it can be controlled, able to move left, right, up, down.

7 Use your mouse or keyboard to control the 'control panel'

7 Prerecorded sound effects.

7 Able to download your own sound effects and add them to your program.

7 Shoots up to 20 feet at a extremely fast rate.

This is the Mutts. We have had it in our armoury for a whole 24 hours and already annoyed everybody in the office flattened the battery twice and attached a wireless video feed.

This nerf missile launcher has got to be the ultimate office toy gadget.

I mean, if you can't own a real missile launcher, then this USB Controlled Scud like missile launcher is the next best thing!

The Missile Launcher may look cumbersome but as well as moving forwards, backwards, left and right, it will clamber effortlessly over dastardly obstacles and up steep inclines, up to 300 steep, to be precise! So you can situate your weapon of mass distruction in the most strategic positions!

The USB Controlled Skud like Missile Launcher stacks an impressive arsenal of 10 missiles to which can be fired one after another, or all together! So whether your an awesome shot, or not, your bound to hit something!

This natty military style USB unit controls this caterpillar-clad behemoth, simply manouver into the desired strategic position, rotate the launcher to line up your target, press the Fire button and cackle manically as said target cowers under a devastating volley of Nerf missiles!
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