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Green tea extract

-Low pesticide Residue;
-No Solvent Residue;
-High Clarity;
-Good Solubility;
-No Irradiation

Green Tea Extract Product Activities

-Natural food antioxidant

-Excellent additive of cosmetics and daily detergent;

-Strong antibiosis function

-Good for lowing blood pressure

Instuction of Raw Material

Name of Plant: Green Tea

Part of the plant use: leaf

Descrition:We has built up our own tea planting and processing base in the whole country. All tea materials are carefully selected and cultivated to protect from contaminants such as pesticides. Only the qualified materials can be approved for production.

About our products:

We have lots of green tea extract series:

-High purified EGCG (EGCG more than 95%)

-Water Soluble Instant Tea (total polyphone more than 20% )

-High Caffeine Series (more than 20%; more than 40%)

-Conventional series (EGCG more than 45%)

De-bitter with lower caffeine series
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