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Name of the plant: Green Tea

Part of the plant used: leaf

Description: Green tea tree is green frutex growing all year round, looking like arboreous sometimes; height: 1 ~ 6m; multi branches, alternate leaf, long oval; 1 ~ 3 flowers with stem, dark green; 5-petal, round approximately, white, a little aroma; florescence: 10 ~ 11 months; fruits mature every next year.

Traditional Usage: In traditional Chinese medical science, the product is mainly to clear brains and eyes, relieve fidgety, dispel phlegm, improve digestion, diuresis, detoxifcation, cure headache, poor eyesight, sleepy, fidgety and thirsty, indigestion, thick phlegm, malaria and dysentery.

Chemical definition: Polyphenols

Specification: Assay

(Tea polyphenols, By UV) 98% 95% 90% 50%

(Catechins, By HPLC) 80% 70% 60%

(EGCG, By HPLC) 45% 45% 40% 30%

(Caffeine, By HPLC) 2% 1%

Structural formula:

Appearance: Light brown fine powder with characteristic odor

Identification: Passes all criteria tests

Assay method: The content of tea polyphenols is determined by UV and the content of Catechins, EGCG in the product is determined by HPLC.

Products Activities:

Clean out free radical, resist peroxidation of lipoid;

Adjust immunization function, resist damage made by radiation, resist tumour.

Anti-plasminogen, reduce blood fat, prevent angiopathy of heart & brain.

Restrain energy of stomach lipase and pancreas. Lower fat level.
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