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grinding discs which is used for paper and paper pulp making
18" to 68" all kinds of grinding disc
our price is lowest all over the world , however our's quality is eaqual to developed company even better than their.

RP18T01 used in grinding broad leaf wood
RP18T02 used in cutting broad leaf wood
RP18T03 used in grinding and cutting conifer wood and mixture pulping
RP20T01 used in grinding broad leaf wood
RP20T02 used in grinding bulrush
RP20T03 used in grinding conifer wood
RP20T04 used in cutting conifer wood
RP20T05 good cutting property
RP20T06 advanced product based on RP20T02()
RP24T01 used in grinding waste paper
RP24T02 outstanding cutting property
RP26T01 used in grinding word pulp
RP26T02 used in grinding word pulp
RP26T03 used in broken pulp
RP26T04 generally good pulp quality
RP50T01 used in APMP
RP50T02 used in APMP
RP64T01 used in CTMP
RP64T02 used in CTMP
Brand Name
grinding discs
Supply Capacity
ISO 9001
Available Colors
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
within 30days