Sell gsm home alarm

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Suport by GSM network easy to install and use.
-No need of fixed telephone line. it is very suitable for --cottage, house , shop, garage, wherever GSM net work is present.
-Store and dial up to 5 alarm phone numbers and 2 center ---phone number(no longer than 20 characters for each one) .
-Send preset messages to the alarm mobile phone whenever alarm occours.
-Easy to setup alarm phone numbers and sending mesages through SMS wherever you are, two reserved message available to make the assistant when need.
-supports any wired sensors, has 7 wied input sensors teminals.
-indicates up to 30 Activated Zone numers, display zone numbers when the sensors make alarm and coding.
-Main panel supports all kinds of wireless detectors, PIR , door sensors, smoke detector, gas sensor and so on.
-set up the system status by using a telephone anytime
-make arm, disarm or panic through remote controll
-for security reasons a passward is used for remot access.
onsite voice Monitoring through telephone from long distance.
-have one onsite high volume siren, send sound when alarm occurs
-one onboard relay available for user application.
-one open collector output available
-Backup battery