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guardrail forming machine,
DecoilingFeeding(take the sheet to the first station) leveling---- Punching of the sheet roll forming----hydraulic cut to lengthproduct packing manual

The structure of equipment
1, Hydraulic decoiler
 Single unrolling machine, one side can put material
 Adopt automatic hydraulic system
 Coil weight (Max) :7000kg
 Coil dia (Max) :1600mm
 Oil cylinder dia:1200mm working pressure: 10mpa
 Coil Width(Max. ) :500mm
2, feeding, leveling
 feed into unit oriented wheel(can right and left adjust)
 into feeding roller, dia is "180mm, material 45# steel, quenched 480-520, chromed
 leveling is three roller above and four roller below, quenched and chromed
3, punching (can right and left adjust)
 using hydraulic punching
 oil cylinder dia: "140mm
 working pressure:20mpa
 mould material: Cr12 quenched 580-620
 hydraulic power:7.5kw
 size: 1.5m long*1.1m wide*1.2m high
4, roll forming
 main motor power: 45kw
 Decelerating motor: BWD14-43-37kw, made in Shanghai or
 drive: gimbal driving,120*500
 main shaft dia: "100mm material: 45﹟ forge steel
 roller material: GCR15 quenched 580-620, chromed
 roll station:17stations
 Timing by transducer:5m--20m/min(not including punching)

5, cutting
 hydraulic cut
 knife material: Cr12, quenched 580-620
 oil cylinder dia:250mm
 working pressure:30mpa
 working journey: 80mm
6, the Outside size:
 18m long*2.2m wide*1.5m high
7, Run out table
 Jointed by 60mm*40mm tube (can be adjusted to up and down)
 size:1.5mlong*0.8mwide*0.6-1mhigh(can be adjusted)