gum turpentine

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gum turpentine
1. Introduction A mixture of terpenes with pinene as main component. Used as a good solvent, paints, varnishes, synthetic perfumes, synthetic camphor, terpineol, medicine production, synthetic resin, floatation agent and organic chemical industry.....

Gum rosin, turpentine oil
Our gum rosin and turpentine oil are two main products processed from pine resin harvested from three-leaves and twin-leaves pine trees. Our products are manufactured under advanced technology and equipment of Japan, meet the international quality st....

Rosin is a solid form of Resin obtained from pines and varies in color, according to the age of the tree from which the turpentine is drawn and the degree of heat applied in distillation. It is available with us in seven grades ranging from A Grade (....
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Gum rosin, Packed in galvanivized iron drums / wheight around 225/230 Kg net. . Contact us for more information.
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We sell:Chemical Engineering Materials Flame Retardant 10 Bromine 8 Bromine 6 Bromine Sb2O3 Printing And Dyeing Soda Sodium Sulphate Saleratus Alum Oxalic Acid Aluminium Sulfate Electroplate Series Chromic Acid Boracic Acid Nickel Sul....

Gum Rosin
our factory has a great advantage in geographical location, being located in Guangxi district in China, the major plantation of pine tree and harvest of raw gum in China. so our main products are:Gum Rosin, Turpentine, Hydrogenated Rosin, and various....
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