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Our gynecological pad is a high technical product that absorbs the latest achievement in physiological anatomy, pharmacology, immunology, microcirculation, physiology of reproductive system and endocrinology. Taking advantage of the typical effect of sterilization and antivirus, applying modern high-tech medical skill, the product with silver-ion is designed and researched specially to cure and prevent gynecopathies, it not only has the obvious function of stop the itching, easing the pain, preventing the epiphyte, protozoon and virus, but also can increase the resistance against diseases. no toxical, irritable or allegoric, whicht has the satisfying curative effect on common gynecopathies. The core technical theory of our product --Skin-absorption and shield theory, can be regarded as an innovation in the field of gynecological prevention and treatment. It not only enables more convenient and prompt prevention and treatment, which caters to the work and life rhythm of modern female, but also breaks through the bottleneck of injuring body during treating gynecological diseases, making the prevention and treatment safer and more efficacious.
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