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Gypsum board is a new green building material used in the construction and decoration industry, which is heat-resistant, fire-proofing, insulated, light, nontoxic, no-pollution, adjusting the humidity of the room. . The green building material instead wood slowly with the development of social progress and improvement in people 's consumption level. According to the machine's process, the gypsum board production line can be divided into five parts: ingredient and shaping system, centralized control system, auto board-enter, auto board-exit and drying system. We can supply full complete set of service according customers desire, from the machine design, working room design, produce supply, setting up until the required products are produced. Ingredient and shaping system contains: gypsum powder screw conveyer, jatex pump, vesicant pumps, materials crew conveyer, materials mixer, forming station mixer, platform vibration machine and belt forming machine. Adopting the computer control system, the gypsum powder, vesicant and material slurry can be mixed in a scientific way. The process is high precise, easy to operate and saving energy.
Capability Intro
Centralized control system: mainly through the data acquisition and processing to control the monitoring molding process, and drying process. With the support of powerful database, together with humidity and temperature and other recorded parameter, we can materialize scientific management. The computer interface is friendly, easy to operate; all parameters can be known at the first glance. The preparation, shaping, drying process is highly automatic, even the beginner can operate it.
Auto board-enter system: auto board cutter, belt conveyor, roller, board turnover machine, kiln enter distributor, faster board-enter and other equipment, through PLC auto control, the process of cutter, speed-up, kiln enter of gypsum board is finished.

Function & Peculiarity
Automatic Finished board system: It includes Board-exit from drying room, layer-distributor, horizontal belt conveyor, roller, cutter and stacking machine. All of them are done by central control system through sensor, PLC, touch screen and control panels. Cutting, taping and stacking are finished automatically. The system has the functional such as Data amendment, productivity inquiry, and real time event alarm and status inquiry.
Drive, temperature control, and hot air cycling system: This system is controlled through remote meter and humidity sensor. Heating conveyor and hot air cycling are control by computer. Using inverter makes the drying accurate and saving energy.
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