Sell hand /skin dryer

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Features and functions
1. Energy saving: It adopts inner hot and recycles principles to recycle the hot air, saving lot energy.
2. Intelligent: To avoid power wasting due to continuous error induction by objects in detection zone, it has been set with the character of drying- stopped automatically over a minute.
3. Safety: It has the double protection of over-heat and high-current, which assures you of more safety and rest.
4. Lower noise and quick drying: It rotates speedily and steadily, with low noise and strong wind, which dries hand/skin quickly and comforts you greatly.

Type Hair-/ Skin-Dryers are a kind of present international Modernest-fashioned high-grade hair-beautifying skin-cleaning health-care devices, which have characteristics of big power, low sound, strong antidisturbance, safety, reliability, etc. This kind of devices is new-designed, comfortable-used, grand-appear-anced, and good-decorated. The whole assembly is adopted with total air proof structure and advanced electronic circuit, so its excellent functions can make all users safe in use.