Sell hand dryer and hand sterilizer

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Colors: white, coffee
1, It is equipped with automatic infrared ray induction system, very easy to use, reducing waste, and no touching clean hands which effectively to avoiding pathogen cross infection and re-contamination
2, It has outstanding performance with most advantage chip control technology and infrared sensor.
3, It has extra thin and high pressure spray nozzle, and mist spray gets a total atomizing effect, more effective for hand antisepsis and saving sterilizer liquid.
4, This series product has automatic alarm system of full liquid and lack of liquid; keep track of the level of the liquid at any time
5, The imported engineering plastics is employed to ensure the solidity and durableness,
6, It only needs expansion pipe and screw hook when installation, then hang the machine, cut off the power when maintenance. It is suitable for all departments in hospitals, school, food and pharmaceutical manufacturers, airports, office buildings, hotels, government agencies and research institutions and other places.

Technical parameters:
1, Electric voltage: AC110V/220-230V
2, Hertz: 50/60HZ
3, Power capacity: 40 W
4, Ambient temperature: 0-40 degree
5, Ambient humidity: less than or equal to 80%
6, Storage conditions: In house and clean
7, Sensing distance: 3-13cm
8, Sterilize liquid spurted: 0.6 ml (adjustable)
9, Capacity of liquid box: 2000 ml
10, Installation: Wall mounting
11, W. G. (without liquid) : 2.2kg
12, Overall size: 260*282*478mm
Minimum Order Quantity
100 pcs