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Embroidery, a well known traditional ethnical handcraft of China, refers to the needlework on silk, cloth or other materials with various patterns sewn by different stitches with colorful threads. Chinas embroidery has a history of more than 3,000 years. In addition to the four famous embroidery of China including the Su Embroidery in Suzhou, the Xiang Embroidery in Hunan, the Shu Embroidery in Sichuan and the Yue Embroidery in Guangdong, the Miao Embroidery of the Miao nationality, one of the minorities in Yunnan province,
As one of the decorations around the wrist, the traditional hand embroidered wrist strap of Yunnan minorities, with its special appearance and rich cultural connotations, it reflects the different customs, religious beliefs, tastes and national history of different nationalities from another perspective while showing the wisdom of the people.