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Square Handspun Wool Pillow Cover. Vegetable Handyed . Hand Loom Knit
Home decor 45x45 cm cover with 5 cm fringes on two sides. They are hand-loom. Wool has been handspun and handyed with onion skin, herbs, flowers, wood and vegetables by artisans near her home. This square cover was hand loomed with 100% wool....
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Bead Weaving Hand operated Loom
We are manufacturers of Bead Weaving Hand operated Loom on which you can make Bead Jewellery like Necklace, Bracelet, Broach, Waist Belts, Wall Hangings etc. Please email us for your requirements Ashok Patel
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Required wholesale and retail Franchises
We offer various Home textile products like bedding sets, table cloth, table place mats, cushion covers, pillow covers, hand scarfs, Runners, Patches, Bath Towels etc with materials like cotton, Linen, Hand loom cotton, crochet lace, embroidery des....

Large Wrapping Shawl. Ruana in Spanish. Red. Chocolate Flowers Embroidered
This shawl called "ruana" is very well known in South America. It's a kind of a "poncho" but it's got a cut so that the garment is placed on the shoulders and wraps the body. This one was handwoven with pure wool. Then embroidered with chocolate ....
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Lampshade - hand loom linen Empire w/ In & Out Panel
Lampshade - hand loom linen Empire w/ In & Out Panel
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lamp shade hand loom linen
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Men's shirt
100% cotton fashion men's shirt. design can be changed to any customer's requirement. fabric details and trims or labels can be change to customer's requirement. free hand-loom or lab dip can be provided . more picture details can be provided if ....
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Handmade home textlies
Warique is a design company dedicated to the creation of fine decorative handmade pieces for the contemporary home. The natural beauty of the Peruvian Andes in fusion with the modern art and the minimalistic style are the source of inspiration of o....

Hand made Mantos (Shawls), scarfs, vests
Our products are woven in the loom technique and also hand kneeted. We apply different kind of yarns like llama, sheep, goat and rabbit hair, also we work with new type of silk yarns. Some of our products have leather or suede too in details applicat....
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GA738-I dobby terry towel loom
GA738-I Towel Loom As an integrated auto loom machine manufacturer in China, we never stop on the research and development of towel weaving looms. GA738-I rapier towel loom has the features of the latest technology, and it is a matured textile loom ....