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handpainted silk material: Wallpaper, decoration painting, background wall
market reference price for retailing: 1200 - 2000 RMB/m2
All of the design manuscripts for the handpainted product are charged by English designer. The artists use the Chinese technique to complete the design, which merged orient and occiedent. The unique style also reveals the England style. With these beautiful designs, drawing up completely on the Chinese silk which becomes a continuous scenery picture of 20 pieces.
The continuous scenery picture is similar to the overseas church zenith picture, of which the deck is connected with caisson ceiling and down meets four walls. The picture is continuous. Different from the church drawing, the purpose of our design is not to leave the world sparsely, but to intimate with the life. There are courtyard, porch, flower, bird and the mountain scenery on the wall drawing, which makes the human mistake it as real illusion. On the caisson ceiling there draws wisteria, the green branch grading hangs down, the royal purple flowers as twinkle star spreading out.
The craft comes from imperial palace aristocrat in the high fence, which represent the luxurious . Juanqin Zhai which is in the northeast of The Imperial Palace, in the name conceals Emperor Qian Long to give up the highest authority and the intent to step down. The decoration of it is the fine in the ImperialPalace. The wall of Four sides draws " the continuous scenery picture". As this picture adopts the perspective, the writing technique actually was the model Chinese type, the Imperial Palace expert estimated the painter was Wang Youxue whose teacher was an Italian person servived for the imperial.
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