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Backpacks, handbags, totebags, cosmetic bags, wallets, purses
We are at the forefront of the manufacturing industry in the backpack, schoolbag, cosmetic bag, wallets, organizer, agenda, diary, portfolios, pencil case, name card cases, coin purse, key chain, CD case, other fashion bags and cases with over 600 wo....

Coco Tote Handbag
Many women are unsure of which types of handbags work best with the shape of their bodies and end up choosing styles which make them look large or out of proportion. Handbags have quickly become the most popular accessory on the market. There are....
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We are soucing for different types of bags from different countries. All suppliers are welcome to contact me. You can send me a product catalogue together with the price listing. Do let me know the terms and conditions if any to make an order. Thank ....
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