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Shell was made by high-intension aluminum-alloy material. It is strong, durable, beautiful and portable, and have the good function of moisture-proof and water-resistant. The illumination distance is more than 500 meters. 150 meters far away from the light source, one can read the newspaper. It equipped with the build-in and external removable rechargeable high-energy battery. It can be recharged more than 300 times. Besides, it has the advantages of short rechargeable time and long continuous working time. Applicable to police, border patrol, fire control command, the guard of enterprises and institutions, night search and rescue for emergencies, prevention flood and disasters, and so on.
Technology specification:
Rated voltage: DC12V
Voltage applicability: DC11V-DC14V
Input power: 30W
Color temperature: 60000K
Illumination distance(super power light) : >500m
Illumination distance(low light) : >100m
Lamp tube life: >500h
Strobe light: Yes
The connection of car cigar lighter: Yes
External power capability: Yes
Double-lights capability: Yes
Weight (lamp) : 2.4Kg