Sell handmade landscape art oil painting on canvas

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100% hand-painted by skilled artists.

Our artist:
They are skillful at their own style which is different from each other.
They frequently exchange their opinion and experience, open-mindedly adopt other good qualities of painting, constantly perfect their skill and improve their painting level.
They have a quality principle, highly devote their mind to complete each work with the attitude of high responsibility.
They have innovation consciousness, not always stubborn, keeping vitality in creating always.

Our product quality control:
We request our quality inspector to seriously check the quality of each work with high responsibility.
We request ourselves to be highly responsible for the customers , after complete an order, we always take photos at random, and then send the images by email to the customer to confirm.
There is any work which is flawed or customer can't confirm, all request a modification, if can't modify, requesting re-painting.
Don't send out a work which has a flaw even small.