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For use of Emperor Qianlong, Treasure up in Palace Museum:The origin of Chinese Muyu stone (muyu jade) tea sets: Local magistrates in Shang Dong province who knew the emperor Qianlong was passionately fond of collecting various valuable tea sets offered one set of Muyu stone tea set to him on his way through Shang Dong to the south. The emperor Qianlong was caught by the smooth of its facelift and the fragrant of the tea in it then wrote two words "Qing You" for this tea set. After the death of Qianlong, this tea set collected in the Palace of Heavenly Purity with his favorite jewelry. Since the foundation of our People's Republic, this tea set has been identified as the first-class historical relic, and now is collected in Palace Museum. Today, this tea sets made by modern and traditional craft has three functions about health care, usage and collection.

All the muyu stone Tea Sets are one consists of a pot, four cups, and one plate. The work has bright color and all of the parts are forming an harmonious unity. The set is attractive as well as useful. Pot Diameter: 60-120 mm; Height: 85 mm; Cup Diameter: 65 mm ; plate Diameter: 230 mm. Overpack:wooden Box.

Instructions for the proper use of the Mu Yu stone(muyu jade) utensil:
1) Before using it for the first time, steep it with tea at 80 degrees for 10-20 minutes.
Then, discard the tea and rinse the utensil with clear water.
2) Afterwards, prior to each use of the utensil, heat it with water below 80 degrees.
3) Do not use any acidic (pH<7) liquid in the utensil.
4) The utensil is fragile. Be careful not to drop it.

Muyu Stone Health Teapots, Muyu Stone Cups and Mugs and Muyu Stone Tourmaline water Activation Cups. With a Natural Health effect on your water, tea and other drinks. Muyu Health Stoneware has the benefit of the trace minerals spectrum, an instant Neutral pH in your drinks and many Health Stimulating Properties, such as Far Infrared. Ancient Muyu is well known and well used since the early days by emperors as well as many others.
Muyu Stoneware is made from 240 million years old stone from ancient rivers in the high mountain area. Its rare and precious and the sources are restricted. Muyu Health Stoneware is a one of a kind product, unique, beautiful and very effective.
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