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1. The most comfortable quilt
The Yun silk quilt is durable, it can be used for at least 10 years. During this period, it will not metamorphose, nor turn into dumpling or wisp. It is also famous for its good toughness. The silk can maintain constant temperature and humidity similar to the body, make you not feel dried or inflammable. It is very comfortable because you will feel warm in winter while cool in summer when you using it. This will improve the sleeping by avoiding the children from kicking off the quilt. The aged suffered from arthritis and insomnia can also benefit from using it. In one word, it is different from any other quilts made by cotton, chemical fiber, wool and feather for its special advantages and comfort. It also has much difference from the quilts made by machine, medicament, or tussah cocoon for its high quality.

2. Maintain constant temperature
The silk contains fiber protein and many kinds of amino acids, which is very similar to the human body. Its about 38% hollow so it can effectively breathe air and keep warm. The warmth of silk is about 3 times of cotton.

3. Maintain constant humidity
There are many holes and hydrophilic elements in the fibroin, such as CHNH and NH2 . All these make it easy to absorb, emanate and keep moisture in the air.
With scientific processing and because of the nature of the silk, the Yun silk quilt can adjust and keep the humidity to the ideal level 50% to 60% degree under the normal temperature. It effectively keeps the skin from getting too dry. Its particular useful for the children and aged people to avoid sweating, skin- drying, mouth or tongue rankling in the dry air-conditioned climate. It also helps prevent rheumatism arthritis and some skin diseases.

The Promise of Yun Silk
The products adopt the first-class mulberry cocoon as raw material. They go through more than 30 manual procedures, including hand picking, washing, loosening, fulling, drying naturally, sorting, picking out impurity, making web, needlework, pulling and etc, to guarantee the best possible quality.
The Yun silk quilt doesnt use any chemicals in any circumstances, doesnt add fiber, cotton, or any other materials in the products.
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