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Harmonic drive under the XB3 employs tubby flex spline structure, which adopts the engagement output by the Dynamic circular spline connection.
XB3 Model may, according to the varied structures of its wave generator, be broken down into 2 sub-models, viz. , Model XB3-A and Model XB3-B. For their respective structures, please refer to the diagrams.

XB3 serial products modes classes: (Classified by inner diameter of flex spline )
25, 32(35) , 40, 50, 60(63) , 80(83) , 100, 120, 160, 200, 250.

Speed ratio :
50 ~ 300

Rated output torque for XB3-A:
1.0N. m ~ 3000N. m

Rated output torque for XB3-B:
2.0N. m ~ 3500N. m