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1. History
Originally the head massager was used by the aboriginals in Australia and made by bamboo, used for relaxation and stimulating sexual feelings in ancient times. Nowadays the head massager is a well-known therapeutic instrument and it stands for total relaxation and a marvelous feeling.
2. Function
Designed to uniquely massage the nerve ending on your scalp and neck, causing an amazing feeling which you can feel in zones all over your body . The head massager will find the pressure points on your head without the need to know anything about the acupuncture. The head massager will stimulate the blood flow in the skull skin and relieve stress tension, headaches and other minor ailments.
3. How to use
Loose your hair and place the head massager on the backside of the skull, then, slowly push the massager arms down until they cover the complete skull. Move the head massager up and down while you alternate the angle of the massager arms occasionally until you get the feeling of complete relaxation.
4. Manufacture
Because the massager tips will make direct contact with the head, we have chosen top stainless\copper\ aluminum as primary material . All the massagers made totally by hand, safety and no pollution to environment.
5. Application
A wonderful massager-instrument for yourself and a best gift to your friends .
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