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1. Applicable for head cervix ache:
Trigeminal ached
Stiff neck
Temporal jaw joint colligate illness
Neck vertebra illness (nerves base type)
2. Applicable for trunk ache:
Back myalgia
Rib neuralgia
Lumbar space set stand out illness
Strain of lumbar muscles
Waist three across stand out colligate illness
Urgent waist wrick
Waist sect damnification
3. Applicable for bowels ache:
Stomach convulsion
Kidney angina
Gallbladder angina
4. Applicable for limb ache:
Shank side auxiliary ligament wrick
Calf side auxiliary ligament wrick
Shoulder circumference inflammation
Hillock up muscle illness
Shoulder bone beside epicondyle inflammation
Shoulder bone inside epicondyle inflammation
Badio- caudex dash tendon scabbard inflammation
Rheumatism knee joint inflammation
Anklebone auxiliary ligament wrick
Pear state flesh wrick colligate illness
Flesh wrick