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Nelumbinis folium compound capsule
90 capsules/bottle
The ingredients of Nelumbinis enjoy compound capsule are lotus leaf, aloe, senna leaf, hemp seed, hawthorn fruit and so on.
It can eliminate the wastes inside your body, eliminate the oil and clear the toxin inside your body. And control the absorption of fat, starch and sugar.
Our company has the category well-found and of good quality but

inexpensive health care food. Nanjing Health Light Business Trade Co. , Ltd. is a

professional company which is supported by the doctor group of Australian biotechnology,

Taiwan biotechnology research and development center, professor group of medical college,

famous doctors of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine and Chinese medicine

experts. Our company mainly produces and sales health-care food and sink-care products.

Nanjing Health Light Business Trade Co. , Ltd. wins consistent affirmation and high praise

in the field and establishes the professional image through our professional research and

development, designs and ability of manufacture on the health-care food. [OEM/ODM] company

advantages: 1. Good hardware equipments: GMP food equipments. 2. Good manufacturing process

and the quality management: The international ISO9001 quality attestation and the

attestation of the World Health Organization HACCP, the company products are from the raw

material selection, manufacturing process, pack to the finished product to all have

strictly its quality control, match the GMP standard and customer a request, take the most

professional quality as customer to serve. 3. The latest biotechnology: Australia

biotechnology and Chinese Taiwanese each medical college and the Ministry of Economic

Affairs section subsidize the technique development in the biotechnology research &

development center particularly, developing various biotechnology product actively with the

professional living creature technique. 4. The raw material supplier is well-found, the

category is numerous, satisfying customers' various health care orders, the hairdressing

skin care products generation demands for process. 5. Produce international specification

standard of building to construct according to the GMP, with the most perfect of quality

service in customer, insure customer's benefits. 6. All products of our company all insure

a property insurance from South China Insurance Co. , Ltd of 20,000,000 responsibility

insurances, and our after-sales service is very well. OEM/ODM: 1. Research and produce each

kind of health care food, the hairdressing products that protect the skin . 2. Research and

produce each kind of health care food, the hairdressing products, according to customer's

need; 3. OEM/ODM 4. Provide the health care food raw material, formulation and semi-

processed goods; 5. Tailor for the customer the product packing.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
haccp iso9001 gmp
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 days
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Minimum Order Quantity
1000 bottles
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