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We are manufacturer of magnetic jewelry.

Product list as follows:

1. magnetic jewelry(necklace, bracelet, earring, pendant)

2. magnetic beads

3. magnetic pet chain

4. magnetic insole

5. magnetic clasp

6. magnetic toy(sound American football)

7. magnetic medicine ball

8. magnetic cuff/genouillere/shin guard

9. magnetic cushion/quilt/pillow/backboard
17. Being charged by magnetism, magnetic health-care article is to increase the vibrate ions in blood which can stimulate blood cycle. Recently. Some medical experts have found that magnetic bracelets and necklaces have obvious effect on keeping pressure stable, preventing from getting high blood pressure, heart and brain illness by stimulating the acupoints in wrists, shoulders and necks. What's more, they also have found that by promoting blood cycle, adjusting incretion system and increasing internal cycle power, magnetic accessories have excellent assistant effects on curing stiff waist, backache, limbs numbness, insomnia and headache caused by unbalanced internal cycle and some other reasons.