Sell healthy heating cushion

healthy heating cushion
Model: HY-1016
1) voltage : DC 12  14 V
2) power : 40W (Max. )
3) remote-controled constant temperature:: 30-40 degree
4) sefttiming :15-90 Min
1) The latest far infrared heating technology and efficient heating function
2) use simply, a IC for setting precise in bath time and temperature.
3) Adopt carbon fiber heating materials, a long-time heating , difficult to interrupt.
4) The far infrared wave go deep into skin, thews, and then create hot energy to improve blood cycle, stimulate cell , so as to promote cell metabolism and resolve blocking blood circulation.
5) A special therapeutic effect on as below:being afraid ofcold , pains on bath back and waist. as well as to solve the blood circulation sickness.