Sell healthy infrared hair dryer

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Your Far infraerd hair dryer--- health care type

Technical Data
[Voltage ] 220~240V/50Hz
[Power] 2000W, AC motor
[Motor] Johnson high quality DC motor

[Concentrator] Yes

{ionic function} Yes

3 speeds settings and

6 heating set tings and cool shot button

With LCD monitor for temperature and settings, electronical adjustment
of power and wind

[Heating technology] far infrared ceramic thick film heating technology, 36% energy saving and far infrared can cares about people`s health very well.

[material] Imported PC plastic. (Germany Bayer)

Product Advantage

1. Using the PC fire prevention material production casing produced by the company BAYER in Germany, so that it is not easy for the casing to to become aging discoloration, and excellent safety performance.

2. Using imported Johnson Electric (JOHNSON) low-noise motors, to ensure that the operational life and to ensure compliance with the standard of quiet hairdryer.

3. Using ceramic heat pipes instead of cellular ceramic body heat. Ceramic heat pipe is small in size and big power, and its perfomance is much better than large cellular ceramic emitter.

4. Its ceramic heat pipe initiatively launch far-infrared heat, so its emissivity come up to 90% . And 98% of so called infrared hair dryers use passive heating, so their far infrared emission rate is about 30 ~ 40%.

5. Technique for all of the parts. Adopting the technology used by the same rate suppliers , as BABALESS (CONAIR) and the same rate production technique.

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