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Details: Arland Safety Products is a China earmuff manufacturer/ supplier/ vendor/ exporter. It is so essential for workers in construction, manufacturing and other industrial settings wearing earmuff for canceling continuous noise from machinery, day-to-day activities, tools and traffic. These ear muffs are used for hearing protection from industrial noise workplace by reducing noise exposures. Arland manufactures and supplies over ten models of high performance earmuffs, including hard hat mounted earmuff , folded earmuff; electronic earmuff. All the ear muffs are practised for high performance, comfort, and quality. Please be convinced that Arland ear muff offers the great solution s for users who need intermittent hearing protection against noise.

Arland has developed a full line of industrial safety products industrial work glove, safety helmet / hard hat, safety goggle & glasses, face shield, ear muff, ear plug, etc. Our price is very competitive. We would like to be your most favorable china source of industrial supplies.

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