Sell heat exchanger for boiler&heating

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Single heat-exchanger mainly are used for wall hung boiler (combination gas boiler) system, to realize to heat exchanging when water pass through
TLHC-24 series
Nominal capacity: 24Kw
Number of fin: 82pcs
Thickness of heat absorption: 0.35mm
Adopted stainless steel double catch technology
Adopted braze welding technology
Assembled noise deadening components
Adopted pipe thread of connection

TL12P, TL23P, TL27P series
heat-exchanger area of single plate: 0.012-0.052m2
Max flow: 4-12m3/h
material: 316L or 304stainless steel
welding material: 99.9%copper or nickel
thickness of plate: 0.3-0.4mm
lag quantity: 0.018-0.094L/channel
max plate number: 60-120
rated pressure: 3.0-4.5Mpa
test pressure: 2.0MPa - 6.0MPa
rated temp: -195~+2200
heat exchanger capacity: 1-70KW