Sell heat exchanger

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1. Most Extensive Selection

The dimension of plate connection is available in 3/4 minimum to 20 maximum. It depends on the request from the customers.

2. Special Materials for Gasket Type Plate Heat Exchanger
Special material plates like Titanium, SMO254, Hastelloy C276, etc. are suitable for special fluids, such as seawater, salt solution, electroplating solution, hydrochloric acid, and sulfuric acid.

3. Laser Semi-Welded Plate Types Heat Exchanger
The laser welded modules can be used for temperatures at -400~1700, and for pressures up to 25 bars, and also for application to uncertain fluid (dangerous fluid) and R22/R134a/NH3 refrigeration.

4. High Efficiency.Saving Energy
The embossed pattern of the heat transfer plates promotes high turbulence at low fluid velocities. It achieves high thermal efficiency and avoids energy waste. It also can be reused for more than ten years.