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This machine can transfer the photos on T-shirt cotton, hemp, and chemical fiber etc, also it can make the silkscreen printing, glue slurry and other technical heat treatment, and also bake the photo of human being, scene and color mark on the porcelain board, metal board. It is specially suited to make the medal, commemorate cards, gravestone photo, and T-shirts etc. it has the competitive price and also popular used.


Current voltage: 110V/220V
Power: 2000W
The range of the temperature:0-3990
Time of rising temperature:10-15Min
Range of time: 0-30Srconds, ) -60Seconds
Baking area: 380mm*380mm (15*15) /400mm*600mm(16*20)
Weight: 30KG

Making process: (We will take baking the T-shirt as an example, and other transfer is similar, and you just need

to adjust the temperature and time)

1. Open the pressure handspike to make the heat board flat completely. And connect with the electrical source and also open the general electrical switch, the guide light opens;

2. Adjust the temperature adjuster at left side(three buttons from left to right means Entries, tens digit and hundred) , press + or  to adjust the available temperature C1800) , the time for add temperature is about 10 minutes; (the temperature level is adjusted according to different materials transferred, please gain exact temperature from your distributor) .

3. Adjust the time button at right side, it takes about 10 seconds for adjusting available time(according to different materials transferred)

4. When the temperature gets to the set time, this machine will go into the constant temperature state automatically.

5. Put the transferred materials such as T-shirt on the transferring stage flat, and then fold the picture needed to be transferred, press the pressure handspike down. Note: Please do not make high pressure, or the handspike will be distorted! Please adjust the pressure in advance.

6. When the buzzer calling, please raise the handspike and take out the transferred materials such as the cloth, and then take out the under paper.

7. The temperature range for baking the mental board normally is 170-2000, time: 20-40 seconds; temperature for baking the porcelain board normally is 200-2200, time: 120-150 seconds, and the temperature for baking the fabric normally is 120-1400, time: 5-10 second.


1. Electronic equipment control the temperature, high veracity.
2. The heated thread and heated board are together, safe, durable, distribute uniformity.
3. The plating motherboard is titanium fluating, prevent mucosity.
4. The motherboard is pure aluminium. The function is perfect.
5. The electronic equipment control the time, denote the singal when finish.
6. Adjust the presure anytime, convenient, fast.
7. The silicon pastern in the motherboard can endure high temperature, not change the shape until it is 400 centigrade.
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heat press machine
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110 or 220 volts
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