Sell heat-shrinkable pipe

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heat-shrinkable pipe
1. Product profile
The heat-shrinkable pipe its inner layer painting in the steel pipe surface is the epoxy primer, Intermediate level is special hot melt rubber, Outer layer is modified radiation crossing linking polyethylene parent metal
2. Function characteristic
It does not have a sleeve pipe which sews the structure wholly, Mainly mend the

mouth antiseptically with the sub pipeline, valve sealed and so on. This product is characterized by Chemical Medium corrosion Resistance and being strong to glue the relay, Shrinking fast, good performance of sealing, wide application, easy to operate and preheating temperature low (50 0) and so on

3. Apply range
The product applies to preservative various tube body coating such as: The two storey of polyethylene (2 PE) , three layers of polyethylene (3 PE) , powder is encircled by oxygen (PBE) , the jacket preserving heat, tar oil enamel paint , asphalt.