Sell heatproof reinforcement aramid fabric

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heatproof industy fabric has the high strength and supiere heatproof property, it can be worked constantly under 204 degree C and not been diminished, instant operating temperature can reach250-280degree C, it is widely used in the following purpose:
WIgnition cables
WCommunication cables (e. g. , earphone cords and domestic cables)
WHeat-protection products
WCut-protection products
WBallistic-protection products
WTransmission belts
WOther rubber products (e. g. , conveyor belts, air springs, anti-vibration products,
specialty fabrics and compound reinforcement)
WFriction products (e. g. , brake linings and clutch facings)
WSealing materials
WTechnical paper products Composites (e. g. , for marine, aerospace ground transportation, and sports and leisure products)
WEngineering plastics for the electrical, Welectronic and automotive industries
WCivil engineering products
WRopes and cables
WThermoplastic pipes