Sell heatshrinkable termination & joints

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We take this opportunity to introduce our company as one of the leading companies here in India with major activities in the field of Heat Shrinkable cable jointing accessories for power cables Upto 36 kV Voltage class. The products as produced by us comply with various national/international technical specifications laid world over in the related field.
We would also like to mention here that our company is run by trained & professional technocrats with minimum 15-20 years experience in the related field . To keep pace with the latest technologies & concepts in the on going market, the R&D activities is a never ending affair with us. The kits as produced by us comply with the basic requirements of VDE-0278, IS: 13573, IEEE, ESI-09-13and IEC standards.
The complete manufacturing activities at our factory right from the raw material stage up to completion stage is carried out as per ISO-9001 system requirements Our Standard product scope covers Heat Shrinkable joints and terminations for PVC/XLPE/PILCA cables unto 36 KV voltage and its related accessories.
The following is the partial list of our product scope in Heat Shrinkable range
1. Heat Shrinkable joints and termination systems for PVC/XLPE/PILCA cables up to 66 KV
2. Heat Shrinkable anti-tracking cable breakouts.
3. Heat Shrinkable rain sheds/Creepage extenders
4. Heat Shrinkable anti-tracking tunings.
5. Heat Shrinkable Corrosion protection tunings
6. Heat Shrinkable angle boots
7. Heat Shrinkable Straight boots
8. Heat Shrinkable cable end caps.
9. Heat Shrinkable wraparound sleeves
10. Polymeric support insulators
11. Heat Shrinkable LV 4 core cable breakouts