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Induction Hardening Machine

Application:metal heat treatment(quenching, anneal, temper, normalizing) , forging, braze welding, smelting, thermal spraying, shrink fitting and so on.

Company introduction
Zhengzhou Kechuang Electronic Co. , Ltd is a new-high technology enterprise of Henan Province, the member of Chinese heat treat Association, relying on university scientific research strength, basing on theory of modern electronic, produces X series high frequency, medium frequency, ultrahigh frequency induction heating machine with strict technological requirement, with main circuit adopts IGBT, MOSFET and other new type components, make integration and modules be its basic characteristic, and matching with new output transformer, so the equipment power promoted by large scale, energy consumption reduces a lot, the reliability develop to non-maintenance, is popular to many domestic and foreign Users. The production was already exported to USA, Brazil, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, Korea, Iran, many other countries and areas.

Production introduce:
A. High frequency induction heating machine
B. Medium frequency induction heating machine
C. Ultrahigh frequency induction heating machine

A. High frequency induction heating machine:frequency from20 to 80KHZ
Application: all classes of machine parts heattreating(quenching, anneal,
temper, normalizing) , braze welding, smelting, copper bar annealing, bar copper heating before forging, and so on.
Type of machine:
XG-18, XG-30, XG-40, XG-50, XG-60, XG-80, XG-100, XG-120, XG-160, XG-200, XG-250, XG-300, XG-400, XG-500.

Example :1. various kind of shaft quenching, depth of quenching1.5-3mm, dia.
10mm-250mm, inside bore quenching.
2. 5-12wire annealing.
3. drill bit welding.
4. Bar stock below25 through heating, speed faster than silicon controlled, 60mm-100mm bar stock through heating
5. chain, chain wheel heat treatment
6. Dia. 3m, weight 80ton gear quenching
7. Dia. 1016mm, depth 17.5mm steel tube1000 degree centigrade heating bending.
8. steel tube heating necking down
9. copper bar annealing, wire annealing
10. machine tool guideways gear, chain wheel quenching
11. elbow heating tube end expansion and necking down.

B. Medium frequency induction heating machine:frequency:1.5-20KHZ
1. series resonance medium frequency frequency:3-20KHZ
2. parallel resonance medium frequency frequency :1.5-8KHZ
Application: big diameter shaft quenching or heating depth required >3mm shaft quenching, standard parts forged piece heating before forging. hardware tool heating before forging, steel tube through heating, drill bit welding, metallic parts shrink fitting, and so on.
Type of machine:XZ-40, XZ-50, XZ-60, XZ-80, XZ-100, XZ-120, XZ-160, XZ-250, XZ-300, XZ-400, XZ-500

Example :
1. standard parts, fastener through heating before forging, oxic horizon little.
the lead manufacturer in china fastener line, Gem-Year Industrial Co. , Ltd use our machine.
2. depth of quenching required more than 3mm, more than 8mmshaft quenching.
3. steel tube necking down, fire-fighting apparatus and materials, gas-tank,
oxygen bottle, dia. 40mm-150mm-250mm, large-scale elbowtube end expansion.
4. excavatorshovel head quenching
5. large-scale drill bit, cutting-tool welding
6. mallet alloy, red copper annealing, welding
7. metal smelting
8. gear, chain wheel quenching

C. ultrahigh frequency induction heating machine:frequency:100-500KHZ
Application: machine parts quenching, depth of quenching less than 1.2mm. minor diameter forged piece heating before forging, wire annealing, inside bore quenching, iron, copper, aluminium , metalwelding, cemented carbide thermal spraying and so on.
Type of machine:XC-08, XC-16, XC-40, XC-70
Example :
1. 40X30 length 2m square bar quenching, depth of quenching 1-1.2mm
deflection little.
2. machine tool guideways dovetail groove quenching
3. 3mm drill bit heating
4. 3-5mm wire annealing(wire rope annealing before twisting) .
5. 0.5-1mm copper wire annealing
6. thick1mm copperplate heating covered with silver
7. 12mm inside bore annealing
8. cemented carbide saw blade welding, copper material welding
9. copper, silver, gold smelting
10. minitype shaft heat treatment

Others equipment:
According to customers requirement, we can supply
1. induction heating machine with one main body and two transformers,
2. multifarious matching type,
3. special machine for brazing saw blade,
4. closed-loop cooling tower,
5. infrared thermometry control instrument,
6. divice for delivering modules,
7. mumerical control quenching tools.

Our company have heat treatment of metals and welding expert, we can supply professional consultancy for you.

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