Sell helical blade

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Product Description:Continous cold rolled screw blades , without welding, and we can produce any size of helical blade with different inner diameter, outer diameter, pitch, and different lengths for harvester on the request of customers.
Processing range:Outer diameter 800-35mm; inner diameter 12-750mm; pitch 30-800mm; thickness 1.5-8mm; any length according to the customer's need .
Application :the products are mainly for the wheat or rice combine havester , corn threshing machine, feed processing machinery , screw conveyer , cement machineries , mining machinery , planting machine(earth auger, drilling machine) , snow plough(snow blower) and any other machine's transmission devices .

Our company offers various kinds of harvester blade, rotary tiller blade, harvester finger, helical blade, spiral blade, helical bladefor combine harvester , spiral blade , auger flight for ground dill , cutting blade assembly. We also provide some different kinds of salt indurstry machinery such as salt conveyer, salt-stacking machine, salt-collecting machine , and plastic picking and laying machine. Our helical blades are widely used in a variety of harvester spirals, and different kinds of transmission devices, earth auger for grain processing machinery. We choose imported high quality steel , import special equipments, and use rolling technology . Processing range: diameter >=36mm, outer diameter <=800 mm, thickness <= 8mm, arbitrary length, arbitrary pitch. The product characterizes a smooth surface, high strength, good durability and cheapness.