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Our Company is developing, designing and producing all kinds of safety helmets company. It manufactures all kinds of safety helmets. Such as Bicycle Helmet Series, BMX/Downhill Helmet Series, Multi-sports including bicycling, motorcycle helmet, skating and skateboarding Helmet Series, Recreational Ski and Snowboard Helmet Series etc. We produce many new helmets per year.
!!!!Our series helmets have European and American individual styles. The materials are observed and studied. The helmets are not weighty and have more useful protective area while providing excellent durability and integrity. The vents with inner air channels draw the air through the helmet and over the brow for maximum cooling. You can feel safe and comfortable if you wear Star helmet.
!!!!All the helmets are certified Snell ( B95A, B95C, N94, RS98) , CPSC, AS/NZS 2063 and CE standards. Furthermore, our company is the fourth enterprise which the multi-sports helmets have passed Snell N94 standard in the world.