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Magnetic Hematite Pearl Healthy Wrist Bracelet

- 800 Gauss magnets provide permanent magnetic field around wrist;

- Made of valuable hematite material;

- Wearing for both beauty and healthy-keeping;

- Various styles are available, special designs are acceptable

- Small orders are accepted.

New research on magnet therapy for pain relief shows it may actually help.

The quest for effective treatment for chronic pain is one that has kept many medical researchers busy and keeps many of those suffering from it with empty wallets. One of the most popular therapies for pain to come along in the last few years is the treatment of pain with magnets.
Magnets have been touted as therapy for everything from low back pain to the next best cure for cancer. As of this time the FDA has approved no magnet therapy for any condition. The FDA actively monitors those marketing magnets to ensure that no company marketing magnets is making claims for cures that have not been proven. This is a huge task as the number of companies marketing these devices grows every day. As I was researching this feature a search for magnets on the search engine Google came up with thousands of different pages on the Internet.

These results show the intense interest people have in this therapy. This interest can also leave the door wide open for fraud and abuse of people who are desperate to find pain relief.
While many people have made claims that magnet therapy has helped to relief pain, these reports are for the most part anecdotal or unscientific reports. There has however been a lot of interest in magnets for pain therapy from the scientific community.
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