Sell herbaceous healthy magnetism bra

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Herbaceous Healthy Magnetism Bra will bing you with Vigorous and Graceful Breast. The original herbaceous worldwide secret recipe of the product is good at preventing and treating with any unease or hyperplasia of mammary gland, and giving a graceful and healthy figure to you . keep yourself healthy.
Wearing the Herbaceous magnetism bra will bring you with more worthful and charming healthcare.
Brief instruction:
Hyperplasia of mammary gland must have something to do with multiple factors, like sitting up, over-eating , abortion, oral contraceptive pill or spiritual distress, which may disturb your hormone level, stimulate the mammary tissue, and further result in hyperplasia, a common complication turning into mammary cancer incidentally at your fories. so it should be treated in tilme and taken prevention too.
Herbaceous Healthy Magnetism Bra use ion permeation to permeate the herbaceous pith into skin by combining the high-performance of natural herbage with the power that magnetism bring to the point and the aromatizing moxibustion. It can make the breasts heathy with the effect of relaxing the veins, detumescence, adjusting endocrine, clearing off the remnant toxin and hormone.
A. Counterindication:
1. Pregnant or lactation period women.
2. Immature maiden.
B. Function:
1. in 15 days, our product could reduce swelling and ease pain in menstrual period,
2. Our product can stop or alleviate the violent pain or phyma in three months for gentle cases.
3. our product can stop or alleviate the violent pain or phyma in six months for serious cases.
4. you should use it for one week per month in one year since the disease vanished.
5. Hold the pill sealed if unused.
6. if the pill hardened with damp, knead it gently for further using.
7. The efficacy of the bra increased tremendously resulted from the right location of the herbal medicine stuff pack, which is located based on the physical structure of the breasts.
C. Dressing
1. Do it like general bras.
2. Take it off before you going to bed.
3. Take the pill out before laundered, and put it back when dressing.
4. After unwrap the package, it will give off a strong herbal smell, which will eventurally weaken and finally gone after wearing it .
5. Continuous wearing without interruption, it will bring much better effect .
D. Washing:
Wash with water or dryclean under 40 centigrade.