Sell herbal extract-pueraria powder

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The pueraria powder, a kind of wild starch, processed with traditional technology and extracted through physical method, which raw material is the root of wild kudzu vine in Qinba mountain area. the kudzu root , an trodational Chinese medicine, is said in Compendium of Materia of Ming dynasty that is sweet, pungent, nonpoisonous, with the efficiency of removing heat and rash, promoting secretion, detoxifying, healing sore, releving pain and dysentery. it contains rich protein, amino acid, sugar , prerarin and microelements which are essential for human body, such as Fe, ca , Cu, se, ect. No less than lotus root starch, Kudzu root starch , without the pollution of pesticide and chemical fertilizer, is precious nourishing food for baby, the old and the young. making people vigorous , ears and eyes sensitive. The powder has confirmed by modern medicine that has the efficiency of removing dirt and heat, dispelling sputum, releving choking, lowering the blood sugar and the blood pressure, increasing the blood flow volume in the brain and coronary artery to prevent heart disease caused by pituitrin and sichemic resconse, which has the curative effect to the headache caused by coronary heart disease , angina pectoris and high blood pressure. In addition to eat, it can made into paste, cerealose , thin noodle, destrin and medicine, etc. Being put into market , the processed powder won the most of customs love. Its output is welcomed by japan and southeast countries for the high value. Orders are welcome!