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100% Herbs
Herbal quick slim patch manufacturer, good material, good technique and good price!
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Simple, safe, fast & natural lose excessive fat of belly, thigh and arm.
These amazing quick slimming patches were specially designed to get weight loss and body slimming. It inherits traditional "navel-therapy" theory to put forward "exterior application" and contains 100% herbs ingredients with no side effects.
While the patch is on, the quick-action medicinal herbs ingredients immediately enter into blood circulation via "skin permeation"(Trans dermal approach) and make people get slimming around their whole body. The patch works 24 hours a day even while you sleep.
Day after day, you will enjoy the slimming efficiency and be amazed with the results.
Directions for use:
After shower, apply patches onto the skin area that you want to be slim.
Cassia seed extract, lotus leaf extract, Bunge Pricklyash Seed, angelica extract, Oriental Waterplantain Rhizome, Far-infrared powder.
Read this first:
1. Do not apply the patch directly on the open cuts of body.
2. It is not recommended to the people who are pregnant woman, baby.
3. It is not recommended to the people who have severe allergic reactions to mushrooms or seafood.
4. Pause the application of the patch during womens menstruation.
Supply Capacity
any quantity available