Sell herbs, spices, wild plants, seeds from Egypt

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Attn. : Purchasing Manager

Dear sirs,

We are a leading Egyptian company in the field of exporting
Egyptian herbs, spices & wild plant such as:

1- White - Red Squill (Uriginea Maritima) . 'Wild plant'
2- White and Red Truffle. 'Wild plant'
3- Hibiscus Petals.
4- Chamomile Flowers.
5- Peppermint and Sparmint.
6- Egyptian Basil Crushed.
7- Jew'smallow 'Mopulkhia Leave - crushed - powder & seeds'
8- Parsely leave & seeds.
9- Coriander leave & seeds.
10- Egyptian Capsicum 'Hot Red Pepper'.
11- Black Cumin Seeds.
12- Egyptian Cumin.
13- Liquorice Root. 'Wild Plant'
14- Egyptian Henna. . . . . . etc.
15- Aloe Vera.
16- Gum Arabic (analysis certified) .

We also extract cold pressed oils such as:
- Caraway Oil (Carum Carvi) .
- Onion Oil (Allium Cepal) .
- Lettce Oil (Lactuca sativa L. ) .
- Rocket Oil (Eurca Sativa) .
- Black Cumin Seed Oil (Negila Stiva)

If you interested for any herbs from Egypt, don't hesitate to
contact us by fax No.
Thank you & best regards.

Nabil Abd El Kerem
General Manager
Africa Export Co.
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