Sell high alumina cement(Refractory cement)

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From: Guizhou Anhong Resources Co. , Ltd
Re:high alumina cement(Refractory cement)
Dear Sirs,
We can supply high alumina cement and other refractories(bricks, castables, mortars) , please contact us for more details if you are interested in.
refractory cement
(1) Chemical Specification:
Al2O3 55%min
CaO 30-35%
Fe2O3 2.6%max
SiO2 6%max
TiO2 3%max
H2O 0.25%max
K2O+Na2O 0.3%max
(2) Physical property
Cold crushing strength(MPa) 40 day; 50 3d
Cold bending stenhth(MPa) 5.5 1d; 6.5 3d
Time of setting:
initial setting(minute) 30 min
final setting time(hour) 6 max
Size:200mesh 90% min
PACKING:25kg/bag 40bags/MT big bags .
Notice:We can manufacture various types refractory cement. Please send us the detail technical data of the products you needed.