Sell high bay fittings

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We exporting products as:
LAMPS AND BULBS: Energy Saving Lamp, Fluorescent Tube, Halogen Lamp and Hid Lamp, Incandescent bulb, LED Bulbs;
LIGHTING FITTINGS: H. I. D. Floodlights, H. I. D. Downlights, High Bay Fittings, Street Lights, Halogen Projectors, Water-Proof Lights, In-Ground Lights, Classic Palace Lights, Lantern and Pole Lights, Garden Lights, Stainless Steel Lights, Under-Water Lights, Downlights Series, Across Inserted Lights, Recessed, Pedant and Mounted Downlights, Track Lights, Picture and Spotlights, Pedant and Balancing Lights, Display and Mirror Lights, Embed Lights, Ceiling Lights, Fluorescent Lighting Fittings, Hotel Lights, Desk Lamps, LED Series Lights, Stage Lights;
On the other hand, our products have obtained major international safety certifications, such as CE, TUV, UL, VDE, GS, KEMA, IMQ, NSF, SEMKO and so on. By the good quality and price, as well as the best service, our products have reached to ALL OVER THE WORLD.
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