Sell high deluxe air hose

high deluxe air hose
1. Tenacity: After processing the polyester terylene by polymerization and intwining terylene in the mesosphere of the hose, the products are produced. So the cracking of products is very high.
2. Burliness: After affixing the PVC and Terylene by the special engineering technology, so there isnt the phenomena of abruption and stratification.
3. Permanence: The stuff which is choosed strictly and is processed with precise filter net under the consummate quality control system is made into products, wherefore the life-span is very lasting.
4. Pliability: The products are made by polymerizing terylene and mixing PVC for the best proportion, so the products are not only smooth but also soft.
Our company have been authorized by ISO 9001:2000, on Nov. 22th, 2005.
ISO 9001:2000 Registered Date: 2005.11.22
ISO 9001:2000 Registered Number: 4809/0
China Chemical Industry Standard Seouls Own Back-check
Test Item Capability Test Condition Test Result
Test of Inner Pressure Bursting Pressure(Mpa) No leaking water, inflating and bursting 18.9Mpa below
no bursting 21.0Mpa
Coefficient of Curve Distortion >=0.8 distortioncoefficient>=0.8 when curve radii is 145.44m 0.98
Stench Intensity Outer Tier >=10.0Mpa 15.2
Endothecium >=7.0 Mpa 29.1
Elongation Modulus Outer Tier >=250% 300%
Endothecium >=200% 305%
Agglutinate Intensity >=1.5KN/m Speed of peeling 25.011 mm/min 2.6
1. The pressure is 60kgf/cm2 below and the temperature is 700 below.
2. After using the products, they should be rolled. The place of safekeeping should be shady.
3. Must not knock the products by hammer when connecting hose, avoiding agglutinate disrepair