Sell high effective mosquito repellent product  insect killing spray

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10% Beta-cypermethrin + Propoxur SC
this INSECT KILLING SPRAY is the most effective, remarkable safety & new Pyrethroid insect killing spray.
its Active Ingredient: Lambda-cyhalothrin and Phoxim (WHO recommend)
Advantage: High content, kill fast, High deadly, Less toxic, Safe.
Target pests: It can effectively repel & kill all kinds of Reptiles and flying insects including Mosquito, Cockroach, Fly, Spider, Flea, Ant, Acarid, and other biting insects.
Usable range: It is first choice of create beautiful city. It can spray directly on windows, walls, furniture, clothes, curtains, doors and can widely used in Garden, Family, Hospital, School, Hotel, Warehouse, Farm & so on.
Usable methods: Space spray is good to kill mosquitoes and flies.
Stay spray is good to kill cockroaches or ULV.
Packing available: 500mlW20bottle/case, 5L/drum, 20L/drum, as per customer requirement