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Type XG-160B
Input voltage 3Phase 380V
Input power 160KVA
Oscillating frequency 20-40KHZ
Water pressure 0.15-0.3Mpa
Kinds manule type, auto type, parallel power and current type, one body type, two body type
Superiority of kechuang high frequency
1. It adopts large-scale integrated circuit, compared to elecron tube high frequency, it save energy for 40-60%, save water for 60%.
2. Off-lying facility cost reduceed by 75% even more.
3. Small volume, light weight.
4. High reliability, easy to maintenance.
5. No high voltage, and operating safely.
6. Easy to operate, it only need 10 minutes to learn the skill.
Application of kechuang high frequency
Heat treating
Various kind of automobile parts, motorcycle parts, hardware tools, gears, chaim wheels, and other machine attachments quenching for parts or whole body.
Through heating
Small modules part or whole though heating, twist drills heating upsetting and forging.
Braze welding
Many lathe tool, drill bit, knives, saw bit, saw teeth, steel pipe, copper pipesbraze welding.
Gold, silver, copper, steel, aluminous and other metals vacuum smelting, foudry, or evaporating plating.
Other fields
Semi coductor single crystal upspring, heating fitting in, heat seal, powder applicating, embedding plastic to metal, etc.
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