high heel dress sandals

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High Heel Dress Sandals
High Heel Dress Sandals. Suggested retail value is USD 69.95 Can be marketed as dress shoes, club wear, or as erotic wear. "Kiss" Women's Knee High Wrap-Around Sandal. Available in Black. Features a back zipper, a clear toe strip, ....

lady shoes
this is specially made for ladies in summer use, those shoes are similar to normal high-heel leather shoes, but it is more casual and leisure, any way, it is looked like a high-heel leather shoes, it can be used as sandal and slipper. this kind of ....
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stylish flip flop with beads in red
we specialized in the production of craft slippers including mens slippers and lady slippers, sandals, dress shoes and ladys high heel shoes. Please contact John Lee for more details.