Sell high performance vector control frequency converter

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high performance vector control (or V/F control ) frequency converter, inverter

Power range
Voltage : 220V,380V,660V (Low voltage or Medium voltage frequency inverters) Single-unit power : 0.75~1000kW (More than 355kW is v/f control)

Suitable for large inertia, high accuracy, potential energy load, fast response and other high-end occasion

Main feature of this variable frequency drives:
2 modes of control are available: V/F control and vector control. And any of the modes can obtain high boost torque and performance.
Rated torque output at low speed under open loop. Range of speed control reaches to 100:1
The pause function while starting and stopping enable the machine to be suitable for the pulling work of variable big inertial load.
Advanced motor auto tuning function enable the motor to work in the optimized state.
Built in function of auto torque compensation
High performance with built-in function of slip compensation.
Built-in RS-485 communication interface which supports MODBUS protocol.
Built-in PID regulator.

This frequency inverter is high performance, and high performance/cost. It's popular!

Application field of this vector control (or V/F control) variable frequency drives:
petroleum, water supply, landication, metallurgy, coal, mine, oil, gas, cement, paper manufacture, textile, plastic, electric power, sewage treatment, etc.
Condition of Goods
Minimum Order Quantity
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