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Brief Description:
Power LED Modules are pre-asembled products that consist of several Power LED modules interconnected by a wiring. These are ready to work at a voltage of 12vDC. Additionally, these modules can be separated each 3pcs as well as be connected to others to fit custom lenghts. Their configuration allows them to be easily installed following any shape as well as to deliver a very high brightness over the targeted area.
Input Voltage:12VDC
Color:R, Y, B, G, W
LED Module performance and features:

Adopt Wide illumination angle design 1200, uniform color, even distribution, and no spots.
Constant current circuit design, strong resistance against static electricity ensures the stability of the module.
Different light colors are available, according to customers requirements.
Special waterproof treatment IP68, hi-pressure aluminum-made bracket, efficient thermal conductivity epoxy resin that prevents the oxidization at soldering point and removes the heat accumulation among modules which increase the LEDs life.
Advanced soft silica gel wire, which will not age or break under hard circumstances (-450C to +300C) . Its small resistance reduces voltage drop on wiring.