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Features and benefites
In the micro-power grinding room, the rollers hanged on the roller lifting frame, which is fixed with the main sheft and the scraper knife. the pressure spring press on the outer of the cantilever by tension rod, with the corss arm sheft as the supporting point. let roller tightly press on the inner surface of the ring. when the motor moved with equipment, the scraper knife on the scraper frame moved with the roller at the same time. as the roller moved on the inner sphere surface and moved itself. analyzer let the analyzer runner rotated by motor equipments, and the power fineness depend on the speed adjustment of the analyzer.
High pressure grinding mill is suitable in grinding bartle, limestone, ceromic, coking coaland so on. it is mainly applied to the power processing of mineral products in the industries of mining, metallurgy, constrution materials and chemicl materials. ect. more than 280 kinds of high finesse power grinded, and the final product size can be adjusted as requied in the rang of 80-425meshes(even til 1000meshes) .